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TMK 200 – £1,450.00
TMK 300 – £1,500.00
TMK 400 – £2,500.00

The delimbing gives the last touch to the tree clearing as well as the TMK attachment package. TMK has the first easily controllable delimber on the market without expensive feeding systems. The delimbing is smooth thanks to the special design of the space between the delimber blade and the counter blade attached to the grapple. This shape gives the shear a little room to tilt before snapping the tree with the blade. This way the fast and smooth motion is ensured, leading to both fast and more importantly easy working. In the nordic countries the delimber is really common attachment because of the demand of stripped trees. Delimber is also possible to use without electricity or separate hydraulic line.


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TMK 200, TMK 300, TMK 400