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TMK 200 – £1,450.00
TMK 300 – £1,500.00
TMK 400 – £2,500.00

Your TMK Tree Shear can be equipped with the collector which increases the productivity of the shear significantly. Collector works automatically with the shears open-close motion up to the point where the gathered trees are dropped. When the shear is closed, the collector arm opens up to the other side of the trees, and when the shear is opened again, the collector arm first grabs the trees firmly in its grip. This way the trees stay all the time firmly in the shear. Only when the bunch is dropped, one electric line is needed to let the bunch go from the grip. Collectors simple operation enables fast and comfortable working. Thanks to its high productivity, the collector is TMKs most popular attachment worldwide.


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TMK 200, TMK 300, TMK 400